Turn your moments into movements

True Storie is a purpose driven digital agency turning stories into winning campaigns.

What we do

Your full service digital marketing partners

End to End Campaigns

We will take your goals and build out a full campaign for you – from a brilliant idea to reporting the results, and everything in between.

Design and Branding
We will work with you to bring your vision to life – whether that’s a new logo, a website, graphics, or revamping your whole brand story.
Email Marketing

Email is the foundation of every business, organization or political campaign. Building your email list takes time, attention and personalization.


Texting has now surpassed email in dollars raised, especially in small dollar donations. Our innovative and compliant texting service comes in two forms – Broadcast and Peer-to-Peer.


We pride ourselves on being original in our ideas, and practical in our approach. That means getting the right story out there to the right media contacts and channels to have the most impact.


We build self-sustaining fundraising systems to get you into a steady cash flow. From short-term fundraising goals, to on-going efforts, we help you build a network of supporters.


Industries we specialize in.

Specific projects require specific solutions. 

Politics Can Be Messy, But We Can Clean It Up.

From getting you up and running with a site/ logo/ email templates & graphics for social media, to bringing you ahead of the pack in fundraising dollars with our cutting-edge fundraising tools – we take the stress of building a campaign off your shoulders so you can focus on the one thing that counts – winning. 


Your Victory is a Victory for Us All 

We’re here to help you get your next organizing campaign off the ground, or support an existing project by amplifying your message online.

  • Design – Logo, landing page, social/email graphics, flyers, presentations, banners, etc.
  • Social Media – Pre-planned graphics and copywriting, content calendar creation
  • Advertising – Facebook/Instagram, Google, Youtube. Includes geo-targeting & segmentation to meet your goals
  • Lobbying Directory

Call us today and let us know how we can best support your next organizing effort or campaign.

We Do Good Work for Organizations Doing Good Work

Becoming financially self-sustainable in the current climate is the number one issue we hear from our clients. We can help you get there – and amplify your message to a larger audience in the process.

  • Donors – We can establish personalized and automated donor acquisition systems for you, so that you can rely less on local discretionary funds and grants
  • Emails – Create funnels for your subscribers, volunteers and donors to keep up to date with your latest news, programs and requests
  • Social Media – Pre-planned graphics and copywriting, content calendar creation
  • Advertising – Facebook/Instagram, Google, Youtube. Includes geo-targeting & segmentation to meet your goals
  • Design & Branding – Need a website refresh? Want to pivot your org to meet your new goals? Let us know how we can help you bring your ideas to life, & your org to the next level

Selling online can feel daunting when you aren’t sure how to get people “through the door.” 

Take your online business to the next level with our proven growth strategies and revenue builders.

  • Email list growth
  • Branding and design – data-driven revamp to ease the customer journey & eliminate friction points
  • SEO and Optimization – help customers find you online
  • Social Media – Pre-planned graphics and copywriting, content calendar creation
  • Advertising – Facebook/Instagram, Google, Retargeting
  • Business Strategy & Planning – where do you want to be & how are you going to get there?

Our Mission

Our mission is to make innovative digital solutions accessible for purpose-driven clients, who are strapped for time, money and digital knowledge.

More than A Digital Agency

We're True Storie.

A digital agency that caters to purpose-driven organizations, brands and political campaigns to bring your stories out to the world.

We specialize in supporting non-profits, labor organizations, political candidates and socially conscious companies, whether their goals are to bring in more donors, followers, or run a full end-to-end campaign.

From our over 30 years of experience in the business of marketing, labor, and politics, we’ve found that most people want a very simple thing – to get their story out there.

That’s where we come in.

Better together.

We enjoy working with people making the world a better place. 

Tell us about your next project.